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Local Matters

Posted by: | Posted on: December 3, 2014

In 1979 a British group called ‘The Buggles’ released a song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. The prophetically titled song was the to first music video to broadcast on MTV and ushered in 20+ years of music video marketing. The irony here is that video did not kill the radio star one bit – it simply extended their reach and influence. For the first time, a small band with even a modest audience could seemingly release a video one-day and become bonified superstars the next. Sure the music wasn’t always the greatest but who cares, you got to see them play on a Television right there in the comfort of your own teenage bedroom. All of America bought in and records sold like never before.

But you still needed serious money to shoot a video. The equipment was expensive, airtime cost a fortune, and the label controlled everything.

Then came the Internet

Yeah it sucked at first, 56k modems, waiting hours to download one song let alone a video. But the potential was there. Fast forward a bit, it’s now 2007. Technology has caught up with inspiration. The kind of professional equipment that used to cost 50k now cost less than the TV your shooting it for. Sites like YouTube and MySpace have popped up enabling any band with a computer and an Internet connection, to shoot and upload a video.

Why does this matter?

Now a small band can seek success without relying on a publisher (major label) to connect/find their audience. The band self-publishes and lets their audience find them. And they’re doing it droves. Just look at the numbers, according to Reuters, ‘there are over three million indie bands on MySpace’. And each one of those bands can now reach over 100 million people.

Music Lessons for Local Business Owners

Local Businesses (especially new ones) have a hard time finding an audience. Just like a local indie band, customers are not going to find out about you if spend all day playing in your own ‘garage’. Corporate America (franchises, chains, etc.) is beating you but not because they have money, droves of human capital or global market dominance. No, you’re getting beat because corporations invest in marketing (i.e. hiring ad firms, publishing commercials, branding everything and everyone) while you stick to the status quo. You sit there in your store, waiting for customers to come in and buy your products. Ok perhaps that’s not 100% accurate. Of course you publish ads in newspapers, coupons sent out in mail (that go right in the trash), handout flyers on the streets and stuff SALE signs in your front window; I could go on and on. All this money spent just to get them inside as ‘potential’ customers, and most people still have no idea what makes you any different than that ‘Starbucks’ around the corner. Let’s face it; instead of publishing a song or album, you’re too busy practicing in you’re own garage.

Why should we shop at your store?

You have a story. You know why people love your business. I’m willing to bet you have customers that come in every day, most of them even know you by name. You probably sell something that can only be found in your neighborhood. Or maybe it’s just your service. Everyone loves your service. Whatever it is, it’s local and part of the fabric of your community. One band’s song is another business owner’s story. Tell your story online with video. What are you waiting for rockstar?

Bing PPC vs Google PPC

Posted by: | Posted on: May 7, 2015

Bing PPC and Google PPC have sparked a discussion over the usefulness of these different components. Bing PPC and Adwords PPC will actually follow the unique purchases that people are making. Consumers need to follow through on how the performance works before they commit to these decisions. For those interested in getting started, a user network has to be established on a ring of sites. Users can monitor some of the special features for the program before it goes underway. Comparing the two models will net some interesting results regarding the profitability of the models. Users have to review the costs before they get started on how performance gets underway.

Comparison of products helps shoppers work within the confines of their business operation. The publishers of Google Adwords and Bing Network stand by the models that they have created. A comparison is underway for anyone hoping to generate a considerable amount of profitability. A network of appearances is underway to keep people in the know. Bing PPC management is a great choice for anyone hoping to link up with a major brand name. Bing has been in development for some time and helps identify unique aspects behind how these service plans work. The company supports developers and monitors the ongoing development of projects as it may be needed.ppc

Adwords PPC services are slightly different, but it can give people a renewed look at how these different advertising services tend to operate. A search marketer needs to quickly identify several key words that make this service optional. Pay-per-click depends on the popularity behind how the advertising service works. Most will simply deposit the funds as needed in to an available account. Owners can actually track these services to keep them in the know for the time being. Buyers have to work with a supplier to maintain their confidence in the effectiveness of programs.

Using Adwords will give people the distinctive advantage of grading different services as required. Brief advertising copy is well worth the upfront investment that it takes to make it all worthwhile. The performance grader will let people know when its time to adjust their content. High quality content can actually dramatically change the outlook that people have with their user base. Getting feedback makes posting content worthwhile and gives consumers a second glance at how the system itself should operate. Underutilized Adwords content is well worth the options that people have before they get started.

Paper culture has re-shaped the basic concept behind how online shopping works. Ad creators are adapting as needed and will work to cultivate a distinctive network. Adwords PPC is a flexible rewards system, improving the chances that people will get started. A free PPC audit takes just under a minute and helps consumers stay in the know. Hiring on an ad team necessitates an explanation that is unlike any other system that ever takes place. Product design fronts have unique attributes that can be applied in these settings. But Adwords may be developed in a way that bolsters the approach people take towards web development as a whole.

The importance of video production in local business

Posted by: | Posted on: April 29, 2015

Today we talk about video production because we want to make you aware of the impact that it has on local business. Most local businesses don’t use video as a medium to connect with their customers leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table every single year. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, the dynamics of video and the rise of the video generation gave birth to a whole new way of reaching your potential customers.

So why is it that most small business owners don’t use video? We believe that they simply do not understand it and they feel the cost of production would break the bank. This can’t be farther from the truth, in fact video production and technology has come a long way. Paying 15k to a studio is just not needed anymore. iPhone cameras, affordable DSLR make shooting video a breeze. Free software built into windows and MAC make editing even easier and if those things intimidate you then you can always hire a free lancer to edit your video.

Even simple things like highlighting a positive reviews customer left you can bring you entire credibility to light and become a powerful conversion factor. Apps like Facebook, instagram, snapchat and many more make it possible to instantly upload these small great clips to the world.

Video doesn’t have to be perfect studio quality every single time to convert and get the point across. imperfect video is better that no video any day of the week. But if perfection is what you want there are plenty of Miami video production companies out there that produce amazing results.Today we challenge our Pegshot readers to go out there and make video! To give you a little inspiration here is one of our favorite clips.

The new custom yard sign of 2014

Posted by: | Posted on: December 4, 2014

Using a custom yard sign is the best way to promote your business. Radio, television, email marketing and word of mouth are other forms of advertisement but all these are competing against each other. Yard signs will be visible as customers drive or walk around. These are benefits of custom yard signs.

Yard signs will draw attention to your business. Passerby’s will now be aware of your presence and will want to know what your business entails. To get the best results, it is essential for the custom coroplast yard signs to have an eye popping colour scheme that will attract the interest of people. Use large and bold fonts for displaying the name of your company, mention the services you offer, add a phone number or a website. It is also a good idea to incorporate a twitter or Facebook icon so that your clients can look your up on social media.color signs

Yard signs are portable and convenient. This is beneficial as it is easy to use the signs at different branches of your company or even re use them. Portability is also vital for businesses that do not have a physical location. Those who work from their home can post signs at intersections or even in front of their own yard.

The signs will display the services you offer. You might have prospective clients that have only seen your business but do not know exactly what you have to offer them. It is essential not to clutter the sign with information on all the services that you provide. You can also use the signs to let people know if there are any special promotions, sales or deals. This is the best way for drawing in more business. Inform consumers the duration the sale is going to last and how much they are going to save. This way, you will be creating a sense of urgency with your signs.

Mashable US Summer Tour

Posted by: | Posted on: December 3, 2014

Mashable kicks off their US Summer Tour this coming Saturday in Seattle! If you’re in one of the following cities over the next month, be sure to sign up for a night of networking, music and good times! While you’re at it, why not peg a few shots at the event?Now anyone attending one of the following events can tag shots to that event and automatically broadcast them on Twitter (w/ a hashtag), Facebook, Flickr, Posterous and Tumblr.

For more information, click one of the following cities:

1. Seattle: Saturday, July 9th

2. San Francisco: Wednesday, July 14

3. Washington DC: Wednesday, August 5

4. New York City: Monday, August 9

5. Chicago: Wednesday, August 11